"Elikia" means "hope" in Lingala, the tribal language of the Congo.

Deep in the heart of Africa a people struggle to survive.
Come along on the journey as we touch the lives of thousands of orphans in the Congo! The heart and soul of this project is to rebuild families after decades of conflict and war, to put orphans in families and to see lives grow and prosper with hope and a future.


SeeVirtual360 is a proud sponsor of the "Elikia Village Project" which will touch the lives of hundreds of these orphans and widows. A percentage of each virtual tour sold, will go directly to the purchasing of land to build the village. click to follow the journey

THE PROJECT: to build children's villages in the Congo giving hope and a future to the thousands of children left orphaned by AIDS and war.

METHOD: to purchase land big enough for a small village and construct individual houses that will be home for a selected widow or destitute Congolese woman and six to eight orphans. These will become their "families for life" bringing security, love, and above all hope.

Aside from the homes there will also be a school, medical clinic and community centre to help facilitate development and education. Giving them a hand up and laying the village foundation, it is our goal to see them become self sustaining. With the right tools and inspiration this is very possible.

There is hope for the Congo and this is the next generation of leaders, whether it is in the home or in business or in the government.

Presented to seevirtual360 by Cammie Clarke

We will be uploading images so you can see the progress, as it happens. Cammie will be travelling to Congo to continue her work to see this dream come true.
The journey