700 1st Avenue, Beiseker, AB

Village of Beiseker
The Village of Beiseker, a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the large urban centres, invites you to consider us for your relocation plans. Whether you're a family, a small business or a large industrial firm we have what you, your family and your employees are looking for. Beiseker is a safe place to raise a family, and a secure place to do business.

Our Village was built and continues to thrive on, a philosophy of neighbour helping neighbour. Volunteers have accomplished terrific things working together. Not only Village residents but also our rural friends and neighbours have contributed to our beautiful community centre, our ice arena, a thriving municipal airport and much more. From the youngest child to our oldest citizen everyone is involved in caring and working together. We welcome you to drop in and experience Beiseker. We're sure you'll want to make our neighbours your neighbours and become part of our community, its spirit and its pride. We hope you'll decide to stay.
City: Beiseker

Address: 700 1st Avenue


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  • Welcome to Beiseker
  • Beiseker Municipal Museum
  • St Marys Catholic Church
  • Beiseker Community Centre
  • Beiseker Skateboard Park Beiseker Arena
  • Beiseker Tourist Information Booth
  • CPR Caboose
  • Squirt Beisekers Mascot
  • Village of Beiseker Administration Office and Beis
  • Skyland Industrial Park
  • Beiseker Community Garden
  • Beiseker Fire Department
  • Beiseker Community School Playground
  • Crossroads Seniors Manor
  • Family Restaurant
  • Beiseker Resource Center Community Links Munici
  • Beiseker Municipal Library
  • Beiseker Community Centre
  • Beiseker Community Links
  • Beiseker Medical Clinic
  • Beiseker Community School
  • Grasslands Residential Subdivision
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