2140 Pumphouse Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Pumphouse Theatre
For more than 30 years, The Pumphouse Theatre has been a home for Calgary’s emerging performing arts scene. In any given year more than a dozen companies will produce over 35 shows in the two theatres. The many diverse groups that perform at the Pumphouse Theatre range from large established companies to small up-and-coming artists collectives. Consequently, the shows produced here range from blockbuster musicals to Irish dramas to cutting edge performance art as well as dance.

The Pumphouse Theatre is committed not only to providing a high-quality venue for the arts but also to keeping that venue affordable for Calgary’s arts community. In order to keep costs manageable, especially for smaller groups and newcomers, rental rates for non-profit arts organizations are heavily subsidized.

City: Calgary

Address: 2140 Pumphouse Ave SW


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