2099 Primrose St, Abbotsford

Primrose Gardens – Two Bedroom Residence
Whether you are a visitor, resident, staff member, volunteer or Society member, a warm welcome awaits you at Menno Place.

As BC’s first campus of care-and now one of the largest, Menno Place offers a full range of housing and long-term care options. Over 700 seniors live on the 11 acre campus – from independent living to residential complex care. This campus-of-care allows couples to be supported if their care needs should change.

Our main 11-acre campus-including Menno Home and Hospital and Menno Housing-is owned and operated by the Mennonite Benevolent Society.

While each new building project offers a visible sign of growth, we are also growing in our appreciation of the “human treasures” on campus, notably the elders we are privileged to serve.

City: Abbotsford

Address: 2099 Primrose St


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