735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster, B.C.

Massey Theatre
Massey Theatre opened in 1949 as British Columbia's largest state-of-the art theatre. It hosted Broadway touring companies and international stars of dance and music. Today, Massey Theatre's stage serves symphony orchestras, stars from every genre of music from Rock to folk and visually stunning musical theatre productions like The Music Man. It also welcomes international performers from South Asia, China, Korea, Africa and all parts of Europe and the Americas. Massey Theatre is a favourite location for festivals and celebrations of every kind.

The Massey Theatre boasts production workshops, a full-size stage, an audience chamber of 1,260 seats and an art gallery. Located in the geographic centre of the Greater Vancouver area, at the corner of 8th Street and 8th Avenue in New Westminster, Massey Theatre has a fully professional staff to make every performance experience shine.
City: New Westminster

Address: 735 Eighth Avenue


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