Edmonton Transit Service (ETS)
Community Bus

Edmonton Transit provides customer focused, safe, reliable and affordable public transportation services that link people, jobs and communities. Edmonton Transit's fleet encompasses almost 1,000 buses, all of which are fully accessible. Community buses are smaller vehicles, usually seating approximately 24 passengers, and are fully accessible as well, with low floors and accessible ramps. All buses have two seating positions for passengers using mobility devices such as wheelchairs or scooters. These buses are used in areas and on routes where full-sized buses can’t be accommodated due to their size and weight, in new and developing areas where customer use is still growing, during low ridership periods, and on specialized routes provided service onto retail property and to or near the front entrances of senior’s residential complexes. These buses run on regular routes, on regular schedules, and for the same fares as our full-sized buses and trains.

City: Edmonton


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